collectif trouble

Outdoor performance, anticipation, dystopia with immersive set-up.    

Creative support: 1 week residency at Fil Bleu Festival in August 2021 (Montfaucon, France)

1 week residency at Libken e.V. in January 2022 (Brandenburg, Germany)

1 performance at Fil Bleu in August 2021 (Montfaucon, France)
1 performance at Haus der Statistik in January 2022 (Berlin, Germany)
4 performances at Festival de l'Arbre Bavard in August 2022 (Andouillé, France)


A border has suddenly appeared, fiercely guarded by a robotic-voiced surveillance device from which nothing, and no one can escape. Lou, Charlie, Camille, Alix, Raph stand as a group and in front of this new arbitrary authority which observes their every move. Together they will try to outsmart this absurd division of space, to change the rules of the game. But their interests clash and the ties that bind them stretch... to the breaking point?

Following the sometimes violent evolution of the relationships between five characters, ACT deploys an immersive set-up in which the audience is part of the action. Sitting on the other side of the border, they helplessly observe our protagonists, and are observed in return. With this set-up and through its narration, ACT addresses issues of surveillance and absurd bureaucracy in a cold, technocratic world in which our own humanity is constantly put to the test.

This first creation (2021-22) of the Collectif Trouble is the result of a collective writing and staging process. The transdisciplinarity that binds the six members of the Berlin-based collective (between architects, video artists and designers) has nurtured every aspect of the project: building a mobile scenography, creating the original musical creation, engineering and building of an automated-robot on stage. Since its creation, Alpha Charlie Trouble has been presented in a variety of contexts, and has always adapted to the venue.

berlin based

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