collectif trouble

photo credits : Balatorium

Collectif Trouble is an ever-changing performative constellation.

Always on the move, we’re based in Berlin, and offer immersive, disruptive experiences that explore spaces and environments by revealing the human considerations that run through them.

Founded in Berlin in 2020, our collective has a focus on performing speculative narrations and universes in public spaces as means to tackle contemporary societal and ecological issues. Our backgrounds are mostly in the fields of architecture and design, and our inspirations are rooted in critical ecological and urban discourses.

Today, Collectif Trouble is represented by Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Mathilde Dewavrin and Garance Maurer. It has been founded with other members Joris Dragoman, Cloé de Coquereaumont and Vincent Bouchard. 

berlin based

open for collaborations!

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