collectif trouble

Lecture, performative walk, collective harvesting, cooking and sleep-over.    

invitated by Club de Bridge as part of “La Folie Cartography” project

supported by DRAC Nouvelle- Aquitaine. 


In June 2023 Collectif Trouble took over “La Folie” (literally, the Madness), a peri-urban area on the outskirts of Poitiers (a middle-sized city in France) and made it their home. This experiment was part of a 2-days festival, closing a series of workshops organized by Club de Bridge and supported by DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

In this non-space, the collective invited the audience to join on a surprising journey.

But how do you invite people into a place that isn't your own? Who owns it? What is it? Is it?

Starting with a fictional performative-walk and followed by an evening program reflecting around the question of “how to inhabit?”, the collective created a space for encounter while unfolding the different layers that make La Folie, inspired by the knowledge gathered by hosts and participants of the previous workshops.

Designed as a collective shift of perspective, the performative walk helped the participants to look at the territory with new eyes. Seeing the unexpected hospitality of the place, we asked ourselves; how do we sleep, how do we eat and how do we share stories? Composing with the surroundings, we went foraging for its fruits, braided its tall grass, sang with its night creatures and finally slept together under its stars.

This performance was a celebration of the place and its qualities, a shared reflection on inhabiting by creating together; a physical and symbolic occupation of the place, as well as a relaxed and immersive exploration of time.

berlin based

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