collectif trouble

Outdoor, performative walk, Anticipation, Dystopia with immersive set-up for the general public.    

Invitation by Club de Bridge, funded by DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

2h performance, 30 people

Poitiers, June 2023
La Folie - Le Passéoscope

« Come together and experience, Welcome to the Past! our brand new attraction! Don’t be shy, follow us. Let us guide you through an amazing reproduction of what the 21st century must have been like. Sunscreen is highly recommended for a full-5D experience. Watch out for butterflies, get ready, here we go! »

During the “Inhabiting La Folie - Inhabiting Madness” festival, Collectif Trouble presented the first version of “Welcome to the Past” (in french “Bienvenue au Passéoscope”), a performative ballad through the land- and peri-urbanscapes of the 21st century.

This performative walk is a poetic and dystopian narration which is strongly inspired by its surroundings. 

berlin based

open for collaborations!

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